Handy Scoopers and Teddies Classroom Pack

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The Handy Scoopers are, in my opinion, a stroke of design brilliance!
  They are the perfect pre-cutting
fine motor toy where the grasp-release cutting motion can be developed without demanding the Fine Motor Handy-Scooper-in-Handadditional control required from cutting.

Cutting is one of the critical pre-handwriting skills on account of the muscles and movement patterns it develops.  These are essential foundations for pencil control.  So, any activity that develops the pre-cutting skills in such an effective manner, is a hit in my book.  The children are fascinated by the Handy Scoopers and they love the brightly coloured, multi sized teddies.

The manufacturers recommend the handy Scoopers for outside play but I have always been concerned they may not withstand the rigors of the sandpit where little feet stand on anything that is in their path, so prefer to use them as an indoor activity.

The Happy Handwriter Teddy-in-Fine-Motor-Handy ScooperPaired with these delightful teddies that can be used for sorting both colour and size, this activity is a hit with pre-schoolers and teachers alike.  If your child tires of the teddies, ring the changes with pom-poms, buttons, and table tennis balls.  Your clasroom package comes with four Handy Scoopers and 96 Teddies.

The perfect size for the classroom to use in your fine motor stations with up to four children at a time. Add a Handy Scooper and Teddy pack to your order today – your fine motor centres in your classroom are going to be all the richer.

Want a smaller pack for your child?  Look at the Handy Scoopers and Teddies home use pack.

I run a weekly developmental programme for 3-5 year old boys and girls at a children’s home in Khayelitsha. Most of the children have not been exposed to toys and exercises that refine their motor skills. The little ones are really struggling to use a pair of scissors.

Bunty has supplied us with the perfect pre-cutting aids!  The children approach the table with the Handy Scoopers and Teddies with great delight and have lots of fun scooping up teddies of their chosen colour and transferring them into matching coloured bowls.

Children learn when they’re having fun!

Thank you, Bunty, for all your expert advice and inspiration. These children are well on their way to acquiring good cutting skills, using the correct grip and grasp-release motion.

Patsy Thomson, Primary School Teacher, Kirstenhof.

Handy-Scoopers                          The Happy Handwriter Handy Scooper Teddy

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