Jumbo Tweezer Ocean Pack

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Even if you already have things to pick up, these ocean animals belong in your collection of fine motor skills for pre-schoolers!  We have packaged them together so you don’t have to waste time trying to find the different parts – everything is right here for you!

fine motor skills for pre-schoolers

Good fine motor and pre-handwriting skills in pre-school are an indicator of improved maths and reading abilities in Grade 2.  Start developing the fine motor and pre-handwriting foundations to lay the foundations for maths and reading abilities.  Give your child a head-start with the Jumbo Tweezers which are perfect for developing fine motor skills for pre-schoolers.  These are the perfect tweezers for developing our children’s ever-declining fine motor skills.

These tweezers offer just the right amount of resistance to develop the pre-handwriting muscles for pencil control.  Their unique design accommodates the-three-friends® – the thumb, index and middle fingers – perfectly.  There are depressions which guide finger placement and the Jumbo Tweezers have the perfect tension to give the hands a good work out. You will start to feel the muscles deep in the palm of the hand working as you pick up either the dinosaurs or aquatic animals.  They can sorted by colour or type, or form part of good old fantasy play.

Perfectly packaged together, your two Jumbo Tweezers along with the 48 sea animals your child will have hours of fun while, at the same time, developing those muscles needed for pencil control and handwriting.  This Tweezer-Animal combination is a must for anyone looking for activities to improve fine motor skills for pre-schoolers and wanting to develop foundational handwriting skills.

If your child would prefer dinosaurs to sea animals take a look at our Jumbo Tweezer Dino Pack.

Your Jumbo Tweezers are 15cm long.

*Colours and packaging may differ from those in the photograph.


fine motor skills for pre-schoolers

R 243.00 incl VAT
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