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The Grade 1 Super-Special will not only equip you to work on letter and number formations and limits letter reversals; it also provides you with a number of motor skills activities to develop the muscles and movement patterns for pencil grip, pencil control and handwriting.

motor skills activities, motor skills for handwritingThe Fine Motor Fun kit is a specifically designed collection of motor skills activities that target the muscles and movement patterns required for pencil grip and pencil control.  The Parent Guide takes you step by step through the activities to ensure you are targeting the correct muscles.  The children love the activities and have a blast while developing their muscles.


Build-a-Letter provides the opportunity for both building the letters and numbers, along with additional tactile input through tracing over the letters with the Texture Overlay Board.  In keeping with research based evidence, The Happy Handwriter’s Letter and Number formation songs, accompany the formations to consolidate the establishment of motor maps in the brain.  This works in conjunction with the motor skills activities.


The Happy Handwriter's Build-a-Letter Card    The Happy Handwriter's Build-a-Letter Dough

Once the letters and numbers have been built and traced, your child is given the opportunity to write them, each time in the correct formation patterns.  Multiple repetition is offered through the creation of Rainbow Letters and Numbers® where the letters are written in all the different colours to create a multicoloured Rainbow Letter. The Printing Book 2 introduces letter formation on lines – a Grade 1 CAPS requirement.  Motor skills activities develop pencil control for handwriting, while your child has fun engaging with the specifically designed activities which build up the muscles and establish movement patterns for pencil control and handwriting.

This special offer of motor skills activities includes:

  1. Fine Motor Fun kit
  2. Build-a-Letter and Number cards
  3. Texture Board
  4. Printing Book 2
  5. Number Book 2!
  6. Buy now to assist your child in developing their motor skills activities.
The Happy Handwriter's Printing Book 2 for Helping Children with Handwriting          


R 1,334.00 incl VAT
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