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the-happy-handwriter-nuts-and-boltsWe all know that jumbo nuts and bolts are great preschool fine motor activities for little hands, but children soon find them a little pointless.  Pretending that the Bug’s dots fell off and they have to put them back, adds a playful element and purpose, making this an all-in-one toy.  In addition, each nut and bolt is a different shape so the activity demands can be upgraded as you require of your child match the shape of the nut, bolt and the correct hole on the ladybird.  A must have for any programme requiring preschool fine motor activities.

We don’t want to super-impose too much structure on activities for little ones and the skills we are aiming to develop are inherent in this activity.  We want to get those hand muscles working and that is exactly what the nuts and bolts provide.  Not only do they give the hand muscles a work out, the two hands have to work together which will develop bilateral integration – the ability to use the two sides of the body co-operatively together.  This skill is needed for future handwriting where the one hand writes, while the other stabilises the page.  Let your child begin developing bilateral skills today while they are playing.

The game comes with four brightly coloured durable foam ladybirds in the primary colours and 32 nuts and bolts – squares, triangles, crosses and even a hexagon!  Develop the foundational manipulative skills in your child’s hands, along with the bilateral skills required from preschool fine motor activities for future pencil control and handwriting.  It’s not only the little ones who find these Bug Boards irresistible!

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As an Occupational Therapist, I have loved using this versatile product in my OT practice with both younger and older children!  It amazed me how many skills one could tackle with one activity!  This game affords improvement in bilateral hand use, fine motor manipulation, motor planning and visual perception… all in one go!  The children have loved using it and many moms have asked me where they can also purchase the product for their little one, especially after they witnessed how fun and beneficial it was for their child’s development.  The nuts and bolts can be used with other items also…we had loads of fun using them to put our cardboard robot together!

Lourdes Bruwer, Occupational Therapist, Tableview, Cape Town.



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