Pencil Grasp and Grips Online Course

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This online course for occupational therapists and teachers all about pencil grasp development, correct pencil grasps, and the best pencil grips, gives you all the latest information about which grips are in and out, and how to choose a corrective grip.

Bunty McDougall, an occupational therapist who has worked in the paediatric field for 35 years, will share the ins and outs of pencil grasp development, correct pencil grasps and explore the myriad of pencil grips on the market and where the different ones work best.

Even if you have already worked with pencil grasp for a long time, this online course will put all the latest pencil grasp research into perspective so you can be sure your interventions are evidence-based.

About the Course:

  • An hour-long online video presentation you can watch in your own time;
  • The principles to apply to know if the way your children hold their writing tool is in or out;
  • Principles to apply when deciding whether to change inefficient grasps;
  • How do you choose the best pencil grips to use to bring about the change you want;
  • Things to watch out for when selecting a pencil grip;
  • The big mistake you must avoid when trying out grips with kids;
  • When not to change how a child holds their writing tool, even though you are clear it would be beneficial for the child;
  • Notes;
  • And so much more!

Practical Stuff:

  • This is an online course.
  • You may watch the online presentation at a time of your choosing;
  • Availability: The material will be available to watch for two months;
  • Venue: Online video format;
  • Who is it for: Occupational therapists and teachers;
  • Presented by: Occupational therapist Bunty McDougall;
  • The purchase of this course is for one user only;
  • Each person is required to purchase a course;
  • This course is not CPD or CEU-accredited

The Pencil Grasps and Grippers Online Course has been incredibly helpful to deepen my knowledge and understanding of each grip on the market, and their unique purpose.  Bunty clearly explains her thoughts behind each grip and when they might prove useful to support a specific handwriting grasp.  This course also supports Bunty’s other one – Assessment of Handwriting Function, and dives into the plethora of grasps and grips in more detail.  I have learnt a lot which I can apply in my practice in working with children as an Occupational Therapist.

Joanna Reynolds, occupational therapist, Bristol, UK


Thank you so much Bunty – I have just finished watching, and I am so impressed!  It was so clearly explained.  I thought I knew a lot about pencil grip, but I learnt quite a few important pointers.  I really learnt a lot from you.

Marina van Niekerk, Occupational Therapist, Namibia

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This online course is non-refundable.

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An online course by occupational therapist Bunty McDougall all about pencil grasp development, correct pencil grasps, and the best pencil grips.
Pencil Grasp and Grips Online Course
£ 22.50