Pencil Grips – Assorted Pack

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The Assorted Pack is the pack of grips for the parent who wishes to find the best of the types of pencil grips for their child.  There are no rules we can follow with absolute certainty as each child is different, and their response to each grip is different.

By providing your child with the opportunity to try the different pencil grips you will be able to find the best match for your child.  Remember that the goal of using a pencil grip is twofold; firstly to assist the fingers to be placed in the optimal position and secondly, with the optional finger position achieved, to facilitate finger movements.  When your child tries the grips, watch out to see that they maintain the correct finger position even once they have shifted their attention from the grip to what they are writing, as well as whether the child is able to achieve finger movement while they are writing.  Choosing a pencil grip is a little like choosing a pair of jeans – there may be four of us who all wear the same size but we won’t necessarily wear the same style simply because the pair of jeans will fit differently on each of us.  We will need to try them on before we can be sure which is best for us and the same goes for types of pencil grips.

The Assorted Pack includes a Stetro Grip, The Pencil Grip, a medium CLAW, a small CLAW, the Pinch Grip, the Crossover Grip, and the Start Right Pencil Grip.

*Colours may vary from those in the photograph.

R 194.00 incl VAT
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