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Are you worried about your children’s fine motor skills?  How can you help them to develop the muscles and movement patterns for pre-handwriting skills and what are good fine motor skills activities?  Fine motor skills are big news.  And it is not because they are winning the gold medal – it is exactly the opposite!

Research has shown grip strength in millennials has decreased and that is a frightening fact.  iPads have left our children pointing and swiping in favour of manipulative play, which lays the muscle foundations for pencil grip and handwriting.  Enter the Play Dough Press – aka the garlic press – for the ultimate hand work out!

Now we have the Play Dough Press which is going to build up that hand strength.  What child doesn’t like to put in a ball of play dough, give the handles a squeeze and have spaghetti come out the other end?!  Add a frog or any other picture (not included) and they can cover him with green hair, and all the while they are developing muscle strength.

Your child can start by using the bilateral hand skills to roll a lovely round ball of play dough.  We need our children to be developing the use of both their hands together!  Pop the ball of play dough in, squeeze and out comes that spaghetti!  They can use both hands, or as they develop superman or superwoman strength, they can squeeze with one hand.

Do expect a few complaints at the beginning – those muscles have not had to work like this before!  Invest in this Play Dough Press and your children can stand out amongst the Millennials with good hand strength and good muscle foundations for fine motor skills, by using the perfect fine motor skills activities.

fine motor skills activitiesYour Play Dough Press is 18cm X 6cm X 6cm.

R 159.00 incl VAT
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