Grade 00 Fine Motor Skills for Preschoolers Bundle

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Our Grade 00 Bundle will allow you to feel empowered as you help your child to feel more confident and happy with pre writing activities for preschoolers.  Even if you have already got some of the items, this Bundle covers any little gaps so you can be certain that you are on the right track to help your child master skills in preparation for Grade R.

Bundled together so you can get started immediately, this package of pre writing skills activities is especially for the Grade 00 child who is heading for Grade R.  Help your child to develop strength in their hands for mastering pencil grip, and have the chance to experience fun while drawing in a safe and graded way.  Have fun singing the songs while marching with Harry the elephant and making shapes with the aliens.

Your Grade 00 pre writing activities for preschoolers Bundle includes the following:

1 Learn to Cut
1 Lines and Strokes
1 Shape Builder

*Packaging and colours may vary from those in the photograph.

Research has shown that the quality and mastery of fine motor and early grapho-motor (letter formation) skills in pre-school are directly related to reading and Maths skills in Grade 2!  Get started today – you will be empowering your child with lifelong foundations!

You will be amazed at how much is packed into this pre writing activities for preschoolers bundle that will keep your child enthralled for months.  Starting with my all time favourite: cutting!  Your child will cut the most delightful animals and gain control over those small muscles in the hands.  Well developed hand muscles are the foundation your little one needs for getting going with drawing.

Before you can get stuck in with those cute aliens and learn to draw shapes, your child needs to learn to draw the basic strokes.  Boring?  Not at all!  Paired with songs to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus, your child will drive Harry the elephant in his car, blast him off into space in his rocket and draw in the bones of the most delightful skeleton.

You have heard about tactile and sensory input.  Did you ever imagine you would know the exact sensory-motor steps to take to get to teach the drawing of shapes?  It is all there in an easy and reachable format in the Shape Builder book.  I’m not sure if it is us or the children who love the Aliens more?  And now your child gets to get their hands on those irresistible Wikki Stix!  (And you do too!)
Who would have guessed pre writing activities for preschoolers could be so much fun?!

teach your kid to draw shapes, shape builder from the happy handwriter, pre-writing activities

There is nothing more you need.  This Bundle of hours of fun is going to keep your preschooler happily playing their way to success with pre writing activities for preschoolers.  Get your Bundle of fine motor skills for preschoolers today!

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R 2,114.00 incl VAT
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