Grade R Pre-writing Skill Development Multi-Sensory Bundle

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If you would like to help your Grade R to learn to write the right way the first, we have got you covered.  No trawling the interent to find out how.  Everything is here for you so you can know you are helping your child with pre-writing skill development in the best way.

Even if you can get parts of this package as a free download you cannot get the multi-sensory components that are critical to early handwriting acquisition.  The Build-a-Letter cards are designed to be used in conjunction with The Happy Handwriter’s Books to focus on pre-writing skill development.  They are a unique multi-sensory resource ideal for the Grade R child.

letter formation, pre-handwriting, prewriting skill developmentThe A5 sized laminated cards have one large letter or number in a boundary box with a blue and red side. The letters are divided into blue starters, which start on the blue, or left hand side; red starters which start on the red, or right hand side; and middle starters, which start in the middle of the box. The starting point is clearly marked with an open circle or The Doughnut®.  Your child rolls out a play dough sausage and, starting on The Doughnut, follows the sequence of formation clearly described on the back of the card, to build the letter.  The process of building the letters and numbers assists the critical processes necessary for the establishment of letter and number formation.  And accompanying the building is the auditory input of the letter formation song so important for pre-writing skill development.

letter formation, pre-handwriting, prewriting skill development
letter formation, pre-handwriting, prewriting skill development

In addition, the pack comes with a transparent Texture Overlay Board. Placed over the letter card, the textured board may be used to trace the formation pattern of the letter with the finger. This provides a tactile and kinetic experience of the formation of the letter, which assists in consolidation of the early letter formation, formation pattern. The 36 lower case letter and number cards, together with the Texture Overlay Board, come together with a MagnaDoodle.  Place the card on the MagnaDoodle and, starting on The Doughnut®, trace over it with the magnetic shape.  Remove the card to find a perfectly formed letter which has magically appeared on the board!  While a recipe for the play dough is included, the play dough does not come with the pack.

The Build-a-Letter and Number cards are a must have resource for consolidating letter and number formations and pre-writing skill development.

R 749.00 R 524.30 incl VAT
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