Grade R Fine Motor + Pre-Handwriting Bumper Bundle

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This is the ultimate Grade R Fine Motor and Pre-Handwriting Bundle – everything you will need to assist in preparing your child’s pre-writing skills for the fine motor and handwriting demands of Grade 1.

Your Grade R Pre-Writing Skills Bumper Bundle includes the following:
1 Printing Book 1
1 Number Book
1 Grade R Fine Motor and Pre-Handwriting Bumper Bundle Guide
1 Build-a-Letter and Number Cards®
1 Fine Motor Fun kit®
1 Wikki Stix® and Activity Cards
1 Jumbo Tweezer Activity Pack
1 Pack Assorted Pencil Grips
1 Magna Doodle

*Packaging and colours may vary from those in the photograph.

Research has shown that the quality and mastery of fine motor and grapho-motor (letter formation) skills in pre-school are directly related to reading and Maths skills in Grade 2!  Get started today – you will be empowering your child with lifelong foundations!

This Bumper Bundle, while guaranteeing hours of fun with your child, is the ultimate Grade R package.  The Grade R Fine Motor and Handwriting Guide will walk you through the process to follow to prepare your child for pre writing skills.  With these foundations in place you are guided through the process of letter formation to ensure you child knows and has internalised the critical foundations for letter formation for handwriting.

pre writing skillsThe Fine Motor Fun kit, along with its detailed parent guide, provides plenty of fun activities which target the forearm and wrist positions, along with the development of the hand muscles and movement patterns.This is THE kit for pre-writing skills!  The Jumbo Tweezer Activity Pack includes the best tweezers I have encountered in almost 30 years of trying them out!  Use them to pick up the sea animals and dinosaurs and save a pair for the kitchen where picking up tasty treats will be the ultimate motivation!

1505-Wikki-AssortedThe Wikki Stix and amazing Activity Cards are the ultimate motivation for engaging in the fine manipulative work our children so desperately need in this technological age of swiping and pointing.  Get stuck in as a family – everyone will love these pre-writing skills!


The Happy Handwriter Assorted Types of Pencil GripsThe Assorted Pencil Grip Pack will allow you to try out the different grips with your child to find the best one for them.  Do consider investing in one for each of their twisty crayons once you know which is the best fit for them.  This ensures every time they pick up their twisty crayon, they do so with the correct grip which will assist in establishing it in the correct pattern.

With the motor foundations in place you will be ready to start exploring the letter and number formations.  Your Bumper Bundle has plenty of activities to not only ensure letter formations are correctly established, provides the sensory and kinetic input that will ensure letter formation patterns are correctly laid down, but also to provide a wide range of options from building letters, tracing them with a texture board and forming them on the MagnaDoodle.  This will keep your pre-schooler happily engaged with pre writing skills while preparing for Grade 1.

pre writing skills
Printing Book 1, pre writing skillsThe Happy Handwriter's Number Formation Activities

There is nothing more you need fo pre writing skills!  Get this Grade R Fine Motor and Pre-Handwriting Bumper Bundle and get stuck in today!

When my son was 5 we were told by his teachers and an OT that he did not have sufficiently developed fine motor skills.

I decided to try and help him myself instead of paying a fortune on OT and I purchased the grade R kit and followed many of your ideas and suggestions, educating myself along the way.

I’m happy to say that in his mid year grade 1 report he got a score of 6 out of 7 for “handwriting” and his letter formation is beautiful!

Thank you for all the help!

Kate from Durban

Get your pre-writing skills Bundle today!

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