The Seven Deadly Sins of Report Writing

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Even if you have written hundreds of reports, this fresh look on report writing will keep you entertained while you look at ways you can record your occupational therapy assessment differently.

We have shared the embarrassing mistakes and blookers we have made in our reports so you don’t need to make the same mistakes.

A paediatric occupational therapy assessment is often accompanied by written report.  This guide to report writing encourages us as occupational therapists to consider the common errors we make when writing reports.  These include, amongst others, using too much jargon that parents don’t understand, writing for the wrong audience, and writing reports that are way too long!

This report writing book is written specifically for the South African context and may not be transferable to the report writing context in other countries.

This easy to read 40 page guide encourages occupational therapists to review their report writing techniques and styles.  It encourages them to find a style that works well for them, and encourages them to convey their assessment findings to parents in an easy to understand manner.  In addition, it assists in helping to set up the assessment findings in a way that makes goal writing easier, thus facilitating the set up of measurable outcomes.

This guide is co-authored by occupational therapists Bunty McDougall and Lourdes Bruwer, who between them, have read and written a gazillion reports.  It is written from a point of humility and fun, looking from the outside at their own reports and the crazy things they have written.  It seeks to find ways to make our reports more reachable and more relevant.  And since we spend countless numbers of hours writing occupational therapy assessment reports, this is something that deserves our attention.

This report writing book originated with the report writing workshops that have been run in the Western Cape over the past 20 years.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Report Writing is written for the South African context where reports are paid for by the parents.  This is not true of every setting where the principles probably wouldn’t apply.  This guide which is an easy read that will challenge your thinking on report writing, deserves a place on every occupational therapist’s bookshelf.

If you are writing reports, The Wall may help you with your clinical reasoning.

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