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Designed by an occupational therapist, the Start Right Grips are the grip for the hyperextended thumb.  Specifically designed to encourage flexion of the thumb, we now have another appealing alternative in our assortment of grips to assist our children.

In addition to the hyperextended or straightened thumb and promoting opposition, the Start Right grip is also a lovely option for correction of the thumb wrap and thumb tuck.  Because the grip doesn’t have indentations or cups to hold and support the fingers, it offers the additional benefit of requiring the child to use their muscles to hold onto the grip, thus aiding the development of the muscles that manipulate the pencil.

Start Right is suitable for both our lefties and right handed children with no special modifications for achieving the correct grasp.

The Start Right Grips fit on a regular pencil.  While I am the master of getting any pencil grip onto a retractable was crayon, this one has brought me to my knees!  It fits the regular pencil and not the twisty crayon!

With a lovely assortment of bright colours from red, to blue, to green and even a pink for our girls, they are made of a comfortable material which is latex free.


R 724.00 incl VAT
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