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The Grade R Super-Special will ensure your child is equipped, not only with the resources to meet the letter and number formation requirements for Grade 1 as stipulated by the CAPS curriculum; but also have the opportunity to develop the muscles and movement patterns for pencil grip, pencil control and ultimately handwriting.  This Bundle of preschool fine motor activities will empower you so you know how to teach handwriting to preschoolers.

Even if you have read up on the internet, it can be confusing to be sure about how to teach handwriting to preschoolers.  There are so many different ideas and it can be bewildering to know where to start.  We have put this Bundle together for you so you don’t need to worry how to get going.  Everything is there for you in one convenient package.

The Happy Handwriter's Fine Motor Fun ContentsThe fine motor skills for the development of the muscles and movement patterns for pencil control are established through the specifically designed activities in the Fine Motor Fun kit.  The activities in this kit have been designed specifically for parents to work with their children.  The pre-handwriting skills development follows The Happy Handwriter’s unique multi-sensory, research based approach to the mastery of letter and number formation will help with how to teach handwriting to preschoolers.

The Happy Handwriter's Build-a-Letter DoughThe Build-a-Letter Cards are a one of a kind resource that allows your child to build the letters and numbers out of play dough in the correct formation pattern.  Paired with The Happy Handwriter’s specially manufactured Texture Overlay Board, it provides a unique opportunity for additional textural input which assists with laying down the motor maps for letter formation.

This special offer includes the Fine Motor Fun kit, the Build-a-Letter and Number cards, and free copies of the Printing Book 1 and Number books!  Buy now and work in a fun and leisurely manner with these preschool fine motor activities and ensure your child has developed their pencil control and pencil grip, along with the required letter formation skills to be ready to go on the first day of Grade 1.

how to teach handwriting to preschoolershow to teach handwriting to preschoolersThe Happy Handwriter's Build-a-Letter Card

The following is included in your how to teach handwriting to preschoolers package:

  1. Fine Motor Fun Kit
  2. Printing Book 1
  3. Number Book 1
  4. Build-a-Letter Cards
  5. Texture Board

The MagnaDoodle is not included with the Super Special Package.

R 1,334.00 incl VAT
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