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Are you a therapist or educator who has fallen in love with the CLAW like I have?  The CLAW Small Discount Pack of grips is a must for your centre when working with children to improve fine motor control.

The small CLAW has really small cups and is usually appropriate for the pre-schoolers with really tiny fingers.  The medium is usually the correct size for Grade R children and the school going child.  Be sure to have a couple of each size on hand to test which is the best fit.

Your child will place their thumb, index and middle fingers in the cups.  This positions their fingers correctly while still requiring the small muscles in the hands to work.  The activation of these small muscles is one of the reasons I like the CLAW grip so much.  It still requires the muscles to work and develop.

Once I have found the right pencil grip for the right child, I always try to ensure that I place the grip on as many of their writing implements as I can.  This includes everything from pencil crayons to retractable wax crayons.  This is why you need a CLAW Smal Discount Pack!  If we are serious about establishing the correct grip and improving fine motor control, it is important that every time the child picks up their writing implement they do so with the correct grasp.  Limiting the use of the grip to the pencil activities only, is going to allow too much opportunity for the use and consolidation of the incorrect pencil grip.

The feel of the CLAW grips is friendly and the colours are too!  For those children for whom the colour of their grip matters, they have a great choice.  There are even pinks and purples!

This CLAW Small Discount Pack of pencil grips offers a volume discount unit price per grip.  If you are just wanting to try one grip you can get singles.  If you are uncertain if this is the correct grip for your child, you can take a look at the Assorted Pack.

R 594.00 incl VAT
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