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The pencil grip discount pack offers a volume discount for those who are going to be passing the grips on, when helping children with handwriting.  And who doesn’t like a discount?!  The grips fit on a range of writing tools from pencils, to retractable wax crayons and even on a pen.  They may even be placed on a stylus for an iPad!

The grip was developed by an educational therapist specifically to encourage children to achieve the correct finger positions when holding their pencils.  The correct positioning of fingers facilitates the emergence of the discrete refined finger movements we look for in handwriting.  These isolated finger movements facilitate speed and quality of handwriting.  We have learned from research over the years that pencil grip is something that needs to be taught to children and the use of a pencil grip device really assists in that process.  Using a grip from the start assists children in establishing the correct pencil grip “the right way the first time!®”

The soft, comfortable texture of the grip is a bonus for the many children who hold their pencils so very tightly.  The top end of The Pencil Grip gently tapers down towards the point of the pencil and is marked with a R and L, to cue the thumb position for the right and left handed child.  This grip is popular with therapists who are working with children from Grade R and upwards and definitely a grip to consider when helping children with handwriting.  If you are uncertain which grip will be best for your child, you can take a look at the Assorted Pack.

The 24 piece the pencil grip discount pack offers a discounted unit price.

If you are looking for a smaller pack you may take a look at the 6 Pack or the Single Grip.

R 648.00 incl VAT
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