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The Wall is a framework and an approach to help occupational therapy students get to grips with the children they are encountering during their clinical placements.  Over the years, it has become known by students and therapists as Bunty’s Wall.

Many students feel overwhelmed by the field of learning difficulties.  During the undergraduate course they are exposed to various different aspects of the field – assessment, treatment, and the children themselves.  It can be likened to them having been given a whole pile of puzzle pieces with no picture.  They are able to fit some of the pieces together because of their shape but the rest lie scattered in a confusing pile on the table.  The Wall book hopes to give the picture that will enable students to put their puzzle together.

The Wall Part 1 takes the occupational therapy student carefully and systematically through the process and approach they need to follow to assess a child, and identify how the results of their assessments explain the child’s presenting difficulties.

There is a brief focus on treatment but this will be covered in depth in The Wall Part 2.  Part 2 is in the pipeline and I am hoping it will not be too much longer. . . . !

Use Bunty’s Wall to clinically reason, organise the results of your assessments and to establish your goals of treatment.  A must-have for every occupational therapy student.

Hi Bunty
I picked up your book again this week and was browsing through it in preparation for a job shadowing student. You are amazing – it is so cleverly and logically put together and I can only imagine what an amazing resource it is for students let alone us therapist.  Well done!  I know it has been around for a few years but I thought I would share my admiration!

Celina Quintal-Steytler, Occupational Therapist, Cape Town


Bunty laid the foundations clearly and precisely in her book – Part I of The Wall!

The jump from student to practice can be a daunting one.  We are expected to assess, plan and treat with confidence and scientific evidence.  Bunty’s Wall Model and book was an amazing tool for me as it is easy to read and understand and answered so many questions in the simplest way!

I continuously used her book throughout my Sensory Integration journey, both for clarity and referencing especially during my protocol–  it really helped!   Although I’ve now completed my SI, my learning journey has not finished… it has just begun!   I can’t wait for Part 2, I will definitely need it!

I would recommend this book to both students and qualified OT’s.  The Wall Model is an exceptional assessment and planning tool which both therapist and parent can understand.

Jassmine Anderson, Occupational Therapist (UDW)


I must say that as a final year student from University of Kwa-Zulu-Natal, learning from your material really has increasingly helped us to develop such necessary skills during our Paediatrics blocks, therefore, naturally, I opted to get the book to assist me with a lifetime of learning!  And yes, will be saving up for Part 2 as well…

I deeply commend you for contributing so greatly to the repertoire of our profession.

Athishaya Bhikshu, Final Year Occupational Therapy Student, UKZN.


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