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Our transport bundle gives your child a chance to strengthen their fingers while matching and sorting, so you can be sure they preparing their hands for pencil grip. If you are looking for toys that will promote fine motor development in early childhood, you have landed in the right place.

Even if you already have objects your child can pick up, these versatile transport toys will provide hours of fantasy and developmental play.  We know children learn when they are having fun.  Purchase your bag of fun today!

Your little one will have so much fun picking, sorting and placing they won’t even know that they are developing the pre-handwriting muscles of their hands.  The Gator Grabber has the perfect tension for little hands so your child will not become frustrated and give up because it is too difficult, or their hands are getting sore.  The tension in the Gator Grabber will just slowly and gently develop the muscle strength of the-three-friends® (the thumb, index and middle fingers that hold the pencil), quietly developing the pre-handwriting muscles as they play.  This is the perfect combination for fine motor development in early childhood.

As those muscles develop, holding a crayon that previously seemed to be so difficult, now seems manageable.  And with this developmental skill in place, your little one will be so much more brave and confident when working on their artistic masterpieces.

So, it is simple:  work on the pre-writing muscles without your child having the slightest idea what you are up to, and get them ready for early drawing and their journey to handwriting.  And all this while having fun – it doesn’t get better than this when it comes to fine motor development in early childhood!

If you are looking for something slightly different, take a look at the Gator Grabbers and Groovy Animals.

This package includes:
72 colourful transport counters
3 Gator Grabber tweezers
6 matching coloured sorting bowls

R 444.00 incl VAT
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