The Secret’s Out!  Letter Formation Rules!

Letter Formation usually includes the ability to correctly form both letters and numbers.  Research has shown that good letter formation is a significant predictor of the mastery of good handwriting.  Looking at what is letter formation with this easy infographic from The Happy Handwriter will take you through the steps toward mastering letter and number formation.

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Follow this sequence to well-developed letter formation which contributes to good handwriting.  As we know, good handwriting contributes to good composition and story writing skills.  This reminds us how important letter formation really is.

Letter Formation: Lines and Strokes

The basic strokes including the vertical, horizontal, circular and diagonal lines need to be mastered first.  Follow the link for a unique fun and engaging approach to facilitating the development of the basic Line and Strokes in the pre-school child.

Fun Letter Formation Activites:  Shape Reproduction

Children need to be able to put the Lines and Strokes together to form the basic shapes.  Our multi-sensory Shape Builder takes your children on an a kinaesthetic, auditory, tactile and functional journey to the mastery of shapes.  With the delightful Aliens to guide your children, they will be begging for the Shape Builder every day!

Letter Formation and Starting Positions – The Dougnut®

The correct starting positions are critical.  The Doughnut® is The Happy Handwriter’s starting position for letters.  Watch out for more about The Doughnut in the coming weeks!

Letter Formation:  Repetition – Rainbow Letters and Numbers®

We achieve this through the creation of Rainbow Letters and Numbers® – each letter is traced with every colour forming a rainbow letter.  Our Grade R Printing Book 1, and Number Book 1, Grade 1 Printing Book 2 and Number Book 2 use the Rainbow Letters and Numbers to ensure the sound establishment of letters and numbers.

Letter Formation:  Master the Motor Map®

We aim to “master the motor map®” in the brain so handwriting is automatic.  The “motor map” is the set of instructions in the brain for letter formation.  This is assisted through the use of a sensory-motor approach  using fun letter formation activities.

Our goal is to establish these in the correct formation patterns from the start which is in keeping with our motto of “the right way the first time!®”  No more guessing what is letter formation – you are now good to go with our easy Infographic.

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