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  • An online course by occupational therapist, Bunty McDougall, about legible handwriting, legible writing and limiting illegible handwriting.

    Legible Handwriting. Module 1 of Handwriting for Kids

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  • An online course on handwriting assessment for occupational therapists, including a copy of the Assessment of Handwriting Function by occupational therapist Bunty McDougall.

    Handwriting Assessment Online Course

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  • Sale! This online course presented by occupational therapist, Bunty McDougall, explores practical lefty strategies and handwriting for left handers.

    Practical Strategies for Left-Handed Kids Mini-Course

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  • An online course on report writing for OTs presented by Bunty McDougall, occupational therapist.

    Report Writing for OTs. Online Course

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  • An online course for OTs on all things social media.

    Social Media for Occupational Therapists. Online Course

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  • A course for occupational therapists exploring fine motor and handwriting groups for kids.

    Fine Motor and Handwriting Groups for OTs

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