The Pencil Project

Yesterday, during a Muscle Mania fine motor group in a Grade 1 classroom at a disadvantaged school, pencils took on a whole new meaning to me.  In fact, it was the absence of pencils.  Many of the children didn’t have pencils and some had pencils so small, that when they were writing, they were hidden from sight in the palm of their hands.  I asked the teacher if she had spares, but she didn’t.  The school, which is certainly has more resources than some, has no funding for extra pencils.

Before the Muscle Mania group commenced, the class had been doing a maths task.  But only those with pencils were able to complete the task.  Some waited in hope that another child would finish in time for them to borrow theirs.  Others just sat.  Disengaged, lost to the futility of hoping for a pencil.

What if we all donated one pencil to an underprivileged child?  What a huge difference we would make to their learning!

One Staedtler pencil costs R2.85 and a tin of 12 pencils, R34.20.  Click here to donate a pencil, or, add it on at the end of your order!

We have donated hundreds of pencils sponsored by our clients, including those to a school whose stationary supplies were destroyed in a fire.  Thank you to everyone who participated.

The Pencil Project is temporarily on hold.